Tubing kit for CP and AMI photometers

Artikelnummer: A-86.170.040
Vorige Artikel 12 van 27 Volgende

Tubing kit with sample inlet - and sample outlet tube.

Compatible for following instruments:

  • Compact 300 FM and Compact 402 Codes
  • AMI Codes and AMI Codes TC
  • AMI Codes-II, AMI Codes-II TC and AMI Codes-II CC
  • AMI Phosphate-II and AMI Phosphate-II Boiler

Set containing:

  • spiral coiled tube: sample inlet for all instruments
  • outlet tube 90°: sample outlet for Compact 300FM and Compact 402 Codes
  • outlet tube (40cm): sample outlet for AMI Codes, etc...
  • outlet tube (bent): sample outlet for AMI Codes-II, AMI Phosphate-II, etc...



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